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National Evaluation: Legacy Club Programs and Services for Beneficiaries

Legacy Australia has conducted a National Evaluation of Programs, Support and Services for the Wellbeing of Legacy Beneficiaries.

The report is the culmination of 14 months, work led by the National Evaluator, Legatee Elizabeth Ward in evaluating Legacy Club programs and services that are being delivered by both Legatees and Staff within Legacy Clubs.

This is a landmark report and is the first known national in-depth evaluation of the organisation and operations of a major charity in Australia.

There have been four phases to the evaluation.

  1. Concept Mapping – Legatees and Staff were provided with guidance on how to develop a concept map, demonstrating the decision-making process, service support and the assessment of Club programs;
  2. Questionnaire – Legatees and Staff (200 in total) were invited to answer a Questionnaire via Survey Monkey, providing background on the programs and services provided to Club beneficiaries. A total of 200 questionnaires were completed;
  3. Interviews – Legatees and Staff were invited to participate in an Interview. A total of 37 interviews were conducted by the National Evaluator; and
  4. Case Studies – Participating Legacy Clubs were invited to submit a Case Study to highlight a best practice program or service delivered by their Club.