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Reuse Your Cup – Leave Your Legacy

Posted on | By Legacy Australia

To commemorate Legacy’s centenary year, Army & Air Force Canteen Service (AAFCANS) are running a promotion which will not only help support our veterans’ families but also remove thousands of cups from landfill.

An estimated 1.84 billion single-use cups are used by Australians every year. In an effort to reduce this number, AAFCANS are encouraging customers to bring a reusable cup when they purchase a hot beverage and they will make a 20 cent donation to Legacy.

To elevate the uptake, AAFCANS are also selling Defence branded cups at a reduced price of $5 which can be claimed using the Loyalty app. Customers can also purchase additional cups at the RRP of $15 per cup. Proceeds from the sale of the cups will also be donated to Legacy.

Managing Director of AAFCANS, Mr Tim Manic says that they are only four weeks into the promotion and the results have already surpassed their initial expectations.

“We are proud to have already raised over $16,000 for Legacy and hope to dwarf this result at the promotions end. The reuse of hot cups in our stores has risen from minimal to approx. 1200 uses per week and growing.

“The partnership with Legacy and its message has been well received by our ADF customer base and works well with the celebration of Legacy’s 100 years and Legacy week,” said Mr Manic.

For more information about the promotion visit https://www.aafcans.gov.au/legacy-promo/





Legacy Australia
Legacy Australia